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Prequalification/Registration of SuppliersPERIOD 2021 – 2023

The Society invites applications from eligible candidates for pre-qualification/registration of suppliers for the financial years 2021 – 2023.

PWDs are encouraged to apply.

Category Category Code Target Group
Provision of Assistive Devices KSB/2021-2023/0001 Open
Provision of Sanitary Services KSB/2021-2023/0002 Open
Repair and Service of Motor
KSB/2021-2023/0003 Open
Provision of Security Services KSB/2021-2023/0004 Open
Provision of Minor Office Repairs and Maintenance KSB/2021-2023/0005 Open
Provision of Clearing & Forwarding Services KSB/2021-2023/0006 Open
Provision of Specialised Equipment & Software Used by Persons with V.I KSB/2021-2023/0007 Open
Provision of Insurance Brokerage KSB/2021-2023/0008 Open
Provision of Software Maintenance Services KSB/2021-2023/0009 Open
Supply of Events & Entertainment KSB/2021-2023/0010 Youth, Women & PWDs
Braille Transcription Services KSB/2021-2023/0011 Open
Supply of Eye Drop Bottles KSB/2021-2023/0012 Open
Supply of Optical Low Vision Devices – Lenses, Frames KSB/2021-2023/0013 Open
Supply of Advanced Electrical Braille Devices KSB/2021-2023/0014 Open
Supply of ICT Software, Accessories and Consumables KSB/2021-2023/0015 Youth, Women & PWDs
Design & Printing of Tshirts, Corporate Branding, Banners, Brochures, Newsletters, Annual Reports KSB/2021-2023/0016 Youth, Women & PWDs
Provision of Vials, Powders, Caps and Pipettes KSB/2021-2023/0017 Open
Provision of Office Furniture and Equipment KSB/2021-2023/0018 Youth, Women & PWDs
Provision of General Supplies (sugar, water, detergents, toiletries, kitchenware etc) KSB/2021-2023/0019 Youth, Women & PWDs
Supply of Pharmaceutical Products KSB/2021-2023/0021 Open
Supply of Stationery KSB/2021-2023/0022 Youth, Women & PWDs
Provision of Motor Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance KSB/2021-2023/0023 Open
Provision of
Photography/Video Graphic, Public Address System & Related Services
KSB/2021-2023/0024 Open
Repair and Maintenance of ICT Equipment Including Computers, Printers, Photocopiers, Servers etc KSB/2021-2023/0025 Youth, Women & PWDs
Repair and Maintenance of Air Conditioners KSB/2021-2023/0026 Open
Repair and Maintenance of Office Furniture and Fittings KSB/2021-2023/0027 Open
Provision of Valuation Services KSB/2021-2023/0028 Open

Mandatory requirements:

  1. Copy of certificate of registration/incorporation
  2. Copy of Valid tax compliance from KRA
  3. Must submit a duly filled up confidential business questionnaire in the format provided. Download it here.

Completed prequalification/registration in plain sealed envelopes indicating the title of the prequalification/registration and reference number shall be placed in sealed envelopes and addressed to:

The Director
Kenya Society for the Blind
P.O. Box 46656

To be deposited in the tender box at the Kenya Society for the Blind offices to be received on or before 29.1.21 at 10.00am.

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