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Who is a member

The Kenya Society for the Blind (KSB) is dedicated to Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of persons with visual impairment through eye care, education and rehabilitation programmes. KSB is requesting you to join hands with other Kenyans of goodwill to support “Sight and Life” national initiative.

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How to be Part of KSB

Who can be a KSB Member

  • Every sighted Kenyan (irrespective of age, gender, faith, creed, race, profession, ability/disability)
  • All Persons with Visual Impairment (PWVI)
  • All Government agencies
  • All Corporates and private bodies,
  • All learning institutions
  • All religious and non-religious organizations
  • Communities where people can be born or acquire disability at any time naturally or otherwise.

KSB Values

  • Compassion and commitment to quality services to the visually impaired (totally Blind and low vision) Person with Albinism (low vision), the Deaf – blind, the blind with altruism/epileptic/down-syndrome conditions, the blind with physical impairment and any other type of disabilities.
  • Integrity and professionalism. KSB staff, the sighted, the visually impaired, care givers significantly should play informed and guided roles in the lives of PWVI.
  • Respect for person with visual impairment (PWVI). Nurturing, guiding, couching, mentoring, educating and bringing-up PWVI calls for professionalism, ethical and moral obligations hence the need to mainstream disability. That PWVI are to be judged by their value as dignified beings and not just their looks.
  • Equality and equity. We believe disability is not inability and commit to relate, associate and work without barriers. We give the sighted and the visually impaired equal opportunities to serve.
  • Team spirit and teamwork. We believe the sighted and the visually impaired all need one another. KSB is a membership organization open to both the sighted and the visually impaired all of whom are empathetic to our plight and our development.

KSB Membership and Governance Structure

· As per Section 6 of KSB Act, the highest decision making body of KSB is the Council which consists of 3 Public Officers deputed by Principal Secretaries from MOH, MOE and Ministry of Culture and Social Services and Six elected members during AGM.

  • The Council is mandated to meet four times a year for strategic decision making
  • The day to day management of KSB is led by the Executive Director and supported by a management team.
  • An Annual General Meeting is held every year to share and discuss KSB’s annual performance., Annual and Audited Accounts.
  • KSB shares its information to the public through internet services.


KSB Brochure

Quick Menu

Support KSB via M-Pesa
  • Select “Pay Bill”
  • Enter 955150 under Business No.
  • Enter Your Name or Organisation Name or Account No as the Account Name
  • Enter the amount you wish to contribute
  • Complete the transaction by entering the M-PESA pin
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