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The KSB construction of the Rehabilitation Centre of Excellency

KSB though formed by an Act of Parliament does not receive any funding from the government. KSB depends on partnerships and donor support to achieve her mandate. In 2012 the KSB council approved a construction Project on a 3.4 acre piece of land in Nairobi West. The proposed construction has three Facilities, the Rehabilitation centre and Office Block, Apartments/ Hostels facilities and a commercial centre which will have a food court, swimming pool, conference facilities and Gem with equipments adapted to persons with disability. The project has two objectives:

  • To offer training opportunities to Persons with Visual impairment:

    The Centre of Excellency will offer courses that are specific to persons with visual impairment and is aimed at ensuring that they are absorbed in the current Job market as articulated in the constitution of Kenya that 5% should be persons with disability in all organizations. In addition construction of the hostels and the hotel with sports and conference facility will offer an opportunity for indoors and out door games for persons with disability. This will enable them to compete effectively with other persons with disability at the global arena

  • To enhance programme resources:

    Any income will ensure that KSBs programs are scaled up to the entire country, persons with visual impairment will be able to access the required equipments and materials, capacity building of persons with visual impairment to be able to compete effectively with other people

  • Achieved Milestones in the project:

    1. A Project consultant (architect) with his Technical team have been identified and engagement
    2. The Project designs have been finalized and approved by the City County of Nairobi
    3. NEMA approvals have been obtained
    4. Geo-technical survey undertaken to identify the strength of the soil
    5. Final BOQs and Schedule of materials finalized
    6. Identification of the Marketing, letting and management agency done
    7. Valuation of the land done by Llyod Masika
    8. Feasibility study
    9. Approval from Kenya Airports Authority obtained
    10. Approval of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
    11. Discussions with Identified financial partners ongoing
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