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1000 Holes Blind Golf Challenge


Kenya Society for the Blind (KSB) was established by an Act of parliament (Cap 251) in 1956 to help promote the welfare, education, training and employment of the blind.

Although mandated by the government, KSB is not financed by the government. The cost of: rehabilitation, assistive devises and the various trainings of a newly blinded person are punitively high.

To support blind learners, KSB depends on gifts, donations and charity to run its programmes. Thanks to KSB, “I was rehabilitated enough to go back to school and got quality and top education. I am the Vice Chairman of the KSB Council and cannot seat to watch other blind learners denied the opportunity to learn due to lack of rehabilitation and required educational assistive devises.” …Says Dr. Kibaya Laibuta.

Hence the “1000 Holes Blind Golf Challenge.”

About the Challenge

I am spearheading the “1,000 Holes Blind Golf Challenge” and a series of other fundraising strategies to raise KES 1.6 billion. The funds will be used to develop World Class Rehabilitation Center of Excellency and to equip the Eye Drop Production Unit so as to prevent avoidable blindness. 80% of blindness is preventable (WHO)

To Golfers

I am challenging all golfers to beat me in golf when blindfolded in any golf course in Kenya. To play, please make a donation of KES 10,000.

To Well Wishers

        1. Corporates

          Please register your support under any of the following categories

          1. Platinum = KES 20,000,000
          2. Gold = KES 15,000,000
          3. Silver = KES 1,000,000
          4. Bronze = KES 500,000
        2. Individuals

          Please sponsor any number of my 1000 holes at KES 1,000 per hole.

        3. All

          Please join me for a Charity Golf Tournament on 29th July 2016 in Limuru Country Club by buying a golf/dinner ticket at KES 2,500.

Other Activities of the campaign

        1. Mt. Longonot Climb n 24th Sep 2016

          Mt. Longonot Climb on 24th Sep 2016 for KES 1,500 per person.

        2. (a) Mt. Kenya Climb on 18th October – 21st October 2016

          Mt. Kenya Climb on 18th October – 21st October 2016 for KES 50,000 per person. You don’t need to climb to the top (Lenana Peak) but you can rally friends and corporates to pay for a visually impaired to participate in the climb and get to accompany Dr. Laibuta to Lenana peak.

          The KES 50,000 is a comprehensive package that include:

          1. Air Rescue cover
          2. Transport to and from Mt. Kenya from Nairobi
          3. A Potter per every climber
          4. A Guide per every climber
          5. Food and Beverages
          6. Accommodation (in camp 1-day 1; Camp 2-day 2 and camp 3 in day three and four)
        3. Dinner in the Dark in 2nd Dec 2016

          Dinner in the Dark in 2nd Dec 2016 to be served in a 5-Start hotel in Nairobi at a cost of KES 10,000 per person and 8-seater table for KES 100,000.

Payments can be done via

        1. Mpesa Paybill No. 955150 – Account “1,000 Blind Holes”
        2. Cheques: Kenya Society For The Blind
        3. Dinner in the Dark in 2nd Dec 2016

Contact Persons:

      1. Dr. Laibuta on 0722 - 521708
      2. Mr. Kitetu on 0722- 637704
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