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Giving Hope to the Blind

Message from KSB Director

KSB golf invite card

  1. Background

    Kenya Society for the Blind (KSB) started operations on the 18th of October 1956. Its key mandate were:

    • To promote the welfare, education, training and employment of the blind
    • Elimination of preventable blindness

    KSB was formed through an Act of Parliament but this does not give it the ability to draw funds from the exchequer. KSB has always relied on donations from well-wishers and partners to achieve its mandate; which is to give hope to the blind.

    Dr. K. I. Laibuta, an alumnus of KSB, is spearheading a campaign aimed at raising money for Kenya Society for the Blind. He is going to play 1,000 holes (about 56 rounds) of golf in what is dubbed “1,000 Holes Blind Golf Challenge” between 2nd April and 29th July. His final round shall be played at the picturesque Limuru Country Club on the 29th of July.


    Dr. Laibuta is running with this campaign and is sharing his life, success and challenges to create the desired influence and impact and is appealing for all persons of goodwill to stand up and support him ... support us. I am appealing to all of you to rally behind Dr. Laibuta.

  2. Current Requirements
    • The construction of a new rehabilitation centre
    • The completion of an eye-drop production unit
  3. Central Question

    How can you be part of the program that is going to give thousands of blind Kenyans confidence to face the future?

  4. How can You be Part of this?

    To begin with, a contribution of any amount and a pledge to rally at least about 10 friends to join you raise any amount you will set as a target towards this goal will be very recommendable. Of course a fabulous gift in cash and/or in kind will be awarded to the top three Council crusaders in this campaign.

  5. Activities of the campaign?

    The 1000 Holes Blind Golf Challenge campaign will employ multifaceted approaches and strategies:

    • There will be the “1000 Holes Blind Golf Challenge”. Friend and golfers are challenged to beat Dr. Laibuta in Golf for a one Hole while in blind fold.
    • Golf Tournament - Friend and golfers are invited to participate in our Annual Golf tournament on 26th July 2016 at Limuru Country Club for KES 2,500 per person. You don’t need to play golf but you can rally golfers and corporates to play and join you in a worthy cause.
    • Mt. Longonot Climb - Friend and climbers are invited to participate in our Annual Mt Longonot Climb on 24th September 2016 for KES 1,500 per person. You don’t need to climb to the top but you can rally friends and/or pay for many persons and corporates to participate in the climb. golfers to play and join you in a worthy cause.
    • Mt. Kenya Climb - Friend and climbers are invited to participate in Mt Kenya Climb on 18th October – 21st October 2016 for KES 50,000 per person. You don’t need to climb to the top (lenana peak) but you can rally friends and corporates to pay for a visually impaired to participate in the climb and get to accompany Dr. Laibuta to Lenana peak. The KES 50,000 is a comprehensive package that include:
      1. Air Rescue cover
      2. Transport to and from Mt. Kenya from Nairobi
      3. A Potter per every climber
      4. A guide per every climber
      5. Food and Beverages
      6. accommodation (in camp 1-day 1; Camp 2-day 2 and camp 3 in day three and four)
    • Dinning in the Darkness - To be served in a 5 -Start hotel in Nairobi at a cost of KES 10,000.
  6. How can a Corporate participate?
    • KSB is looking for a Partner to provide a car (Hole-in-one car)

      KSB is looking for a partner to donate a 4-wheel vehicle to KSB to be the prize for the first person to make a hole-in-one on one of the Par-3 holes to be selected. The car will be displayed to potential customers during the tournament. Terms and condition shall apply. The benefits will include:

      • Deliver information on the car to golfers before, during and after the tournament
      • Have a memorable display for golfers who will try and win the car
      • Build an iconic brand image
    • By Donating “A” Service vouchers for auction

      During the auction, the auctioneer will extol the benefits of servicing cars with the partner among other benefits as a marketing strategy. This will help build the interaction of the dealer/partner Brand and golfers.

    • By Donating Dealer’s Merchandise for Raffle

      Donate Dealer’s branded merchandise to be given during the raffle. This can be tailor-made to give maximum visibility of the Dealer’s brand both before and during the raffle.

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