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Eye Care

The Eye Clinic at the Kenya Society for the blind headquarters in Nairobi west offers high quality but affordable eye care services. The clinic was started after realizing that the average person feared going to have their eye problems checked due to the fear of high health costs.

For now, the eye clinic operates only on Tuesdays at the Society’s clinic in Nairobi west, Barclay House, from 9:00am to 2:00pm and charges a minimal consultation and drug fees.

Outpatient services available include:minor surgery and in-patients are referred to other hospitals with the relevant facilities. The thought of future expansion is being pursued, to become a fully – fledged National Eye Hospital.

Eye Drops Produced at KSB Production Unit
PRODUCT Size Brand Name
Chloramphenicol  Base  0.5% 5ml NEPUPHENICOL
Hydrocortisone Base 1% 5ml NEPUCORTISONE
Zinc Sulphate 0.25% 5ml NEPUZINC
Gentmycin  Sulphate 0.3% 5ml NEPUGENTA
Pilocarpine Hydrochloride  4% 5ml NEPUCARPINE
Pilocarpine  Hydrochloride 2% 5ml NEPUCARPINE
Povodone Iodine powder 0.5% 5ml NEPUVIDONE
Amethocaine Hydrochloride 0.5% 5ml NEPUCAINE
Atropine  Sulphate  1% 5ml NEPUPINE
Cyclopentolate  Hydrochloride  1% 5ml NEPUNTOLATE
Methylcellulose   Base 2% 5ml NEPUCELLULOSE
Cyclopentolate HCL & Phenylephrine HCL 7ml NEPUDRIATIC
Prednisolone Sodium  Phosphate  1% 5ml NEPUSOLONE
Prednisolone  Sodium  Phosphate     0.5% 5ml NEPUSOLONE
Prednisone Acetate 5ml NEPUSOLONE FORTE
Prednisolone sodium phosphate 0.5%   & Gentmycin Sulphate 3% 5ml NEPUSOLONE-G
Flourescein Sodium 20% 15pc NEPUSCEIN STRIPS
Flourescein Sodium 5ml NEPUSCEIN DROPS
Timolol Maleate 0.5% 5ml NEPUTOLOL
Sodium Cromogylcate 2% 5ml NEPUCROM
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate 0.1% 5ml NEPUDEXA
Dexamethasone   Sodium Phosphate  &  gentamicin sulphate 5ml NEPUDEXA-G
Neomycin  Sulphate 0.5% 5ml NEPUNEOCIN
Miconazole 1% 5ml NEPUMICONAZOLE

Optical products available at KSB Optical shop at subsidized prices

  • Photochromatic single vision
  • Glass white single vision
  • Photochromatic single vision toric
  • Glass white single vision toric
  • Glass white ‘C’ bifocall
  • Photochromatic ‘C’ bifocall
  • Photochromatic Progressive lenses
  • Progressive photo MAR – Sunsensor & Photo MAR
  • Glazing single vision; half rimmed; Glazing
  • Glazing bifocals; Tinting; Cords; Hard cases
  • Frames: rimmed;  Half rimmed; frames; Designer

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