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Assistive Device pictures

Why Support the Visually Impaired with Assistive Devices

  1. Cost of Scientific calculator is Kshs 50,000 for visually impaired. For a normal child, a scientific calculator cost Kshs 1,000
  2. Cost of Braille machine is Kshs 89,000. For normal child –cost of pen is about Kshs 10.
  3. The Braille Machine requires Braille paper of 200 pages at a cost of Kshs 650 per ream. Normal child would require exercise book costing Kshs 80.
  4. Cost of sound ball to play for visually impairment is Kshs 25,000. Normal child would require a ball of Kshs 300 – 1,000.
  5. Cost of geometrical set (PEP Kits) for a visually impaired is Kshs 5,000 for visually impaired. For normal child is about Kshs 250
  6. The software required by the blind and visually impaired persons to use a computer, Job Access With Speech (JAWS), costs about Kshs 125,000. This cost is over and above the cost of a computer for the sighted.
Bic Pen (For sighted child)

KSH 20.00

Braille machine (pen for blind child)

KSH 89,000.00


Scientific calculator  (For sighted child)

KSH 1,000.00

Talking Scientific calculator

for blind child)

KSH 40,000.00


White cane  (Foldable)

KSH 1,500/=



Sound Ball and Goal Ball

Kshs 11,000 its equivalent is Kshs 1,500


Geometrical set for the Blind

PEP Kit = Kshs 5,000 (white cane only included when order placed)

Geometrical set for sighted Child = Kshs 200


1.      Spur wheel

2.      Slate & Stylus

3.      Tylor Frame with types

4.      Geometrical tools

5.      Abucus

6.      Cylindrical Block

7.      Cube

8.      Alphabetic Blade

–        Drawing diagrams for touch readers

– A4 bookklet where learners can insert Braille paper and take notes

-Simple arithmetic

–        2 sets of Squares/Ruler/protractor/pair of cumpus all used for introducing cycles and angles

–        Computation of simple arithmetic statements – numbers/ additions and subtractions

–        Building Braille sentence

–        Remedial Braille words eg CAT

–        Remedial Braille lettters

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